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Chemical recycling policy for waste plastics


China is a world leader in chemical recycling technology and has huge market potential with the increase in plastic waste and national policy requirements for controlling plastic pollution and improving waste resource recovery and carbon reduction. The policy escort and acceleration will help China's technology and market leadership in the next decade on a global scale.

In 2021, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MOE) will issue the "Technical Specification for Waste Plastic Pollution Control (Draft for Consultation)", the Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) will issue the "14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Circular Economy", the NDRC and MOE will issue the "14th Five-Year Action Plan for Plastic Pollution Control", and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) will issue the "14th Five-Year Plan for Plastic Pollution Control". 》, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology promulgated the "14th Five-Year Plan" for the green development of industry, which clearly opens up the development space for the chemical recycling industry of waste plastics. As an important technology to promote carbon emission reduction, plastic pollution control and circular economy, chemical recycling of waste plastics is beginning to usher in a policy release period.

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