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High Capacity TL Model Automatic Extrusion for Plastic Recycling

Huizhou Tihong Machinery Manufacturing company is based in Huizhou. We are mainly engaged in the manufacture and sales of Automatic plastic melt filter machine for plastic recycling. We has professional technicians who familiar with all kinds of plastic recycling production equipment and production process.Now we have a utility model patent certificate and a design patent certificate.

Professional Plastic Recycling Equipment Manufacturer
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Huizhoushi Tihong Machinery Manufacturing company which is located in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, the main product is plastic melt without screen filter, we has several senior non-screen filter design engineers and commissioning technicians, who familiar with all kinds of plastic recycling production equipment and production process.

  • During the visit, we showed the production process and quality control system to our customers. We also introduced our products and services to our customers, after the tour they were very satisfied with our factory facilities, product quality and services, welcome to visit my factory!

  • There are many producers of plastic pellets who prefer our machines because of the wide range of our products and the high output, and we provide long-lasting professional after-sales service for our customers, so our machines are the first choice in the industry.

  • Customer satisfaction and evaluation of our products are very high, often back to buy our products, now our products in this industry have a very big reputation, in terms of packaging and product installation we will be very careful to ensure that customers receive satisfactory products

  • The production case in the picture, among which is our main product filter, this producer is currently doing a relatively large business of plastic pellets in China.